Sunday, September 14, 2008

Solera Experimental Test Laboratory # 7

Solera Experimental Lab # 7
Data gathering facility
Solera Enviro-Shelter R & D.
Is a non-profit organization that does research into future solar energy scenarios, as well solar equipment such as photovoltaic modules, solar hot water collectors, small hydro-electric plants, organic gardening, enviro-shelters, solar devices, electric vehicles, and test site data gathering equipment is in place. Solar age futurist trends are charted, projected, and perceived as actual occurrences in the natural kingdom that surrounds us all. These futuristic simulated data streams are altered and updated as new real time events and data reflect effects on realities coming into focus in the time portal equipment. The events are based on the supply and demand system, the natural ecosystems, renewables, VS non-renewable energy realities.

Electrical Human Use Patterns and Solar Electricity

Solera Enviro-Shelter Technical Data Wood Solar Combination

Solera Enviro-Shelter Technical Data Water

Solera Enviro-Shelter Technical Data Wind

Solera Enviro-Shelter Technical Data Transportation

Solera Enviro-Shelter Technical Data Bio- Natural Gas

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